Culture Day 🇩🇪🇨🇦

On Friday, November 20th it was Culture day at my school (ycmhs). All the internationals had to make a presentation cardboard about their country and some typical/traditional food.
For example, Italy made spaghetti carbonara and Italien coffee, Mexico made Tacos, Belgium made Waffles and two other germans and I made german lebkuchen/gingerbread.
We also had to write down two questions (and answers) about our country. These questions were than printed on a worksheet that the classes that came to the culture day had to fill out.
All in all about fifteen different countries were represented. These are some of them:

(click on the pictures for a better view)



On the long thanksgiving weekend we went camping with some friends of my host parents and their kids.
These weekend at the camp mostly consist of sitting around a bonfire till late at night, barbecue, playing bottle tag in the woods with all the kids or card games in our trailers, going swimming, playing washers (and losing every time) or just watching movies with the kids squeezed in one trailer.


The view at our Thanksgiving dinner


The Lake at our camp where we go swimming, kanuing, stand up paddling, jump on that water trampoline and let people fly through the air with that blob attached to it.


The camp at night


Ice hockey & Ice skating


On Firday, October 15th I went with some other international students to a Hockey game at the Mariners Centre in Yarmouth. The Yarmouth Jr A mariners played against Turo, they lost the game by the way.


On sundays you can skate one hour at the mariners Centre for free so a lot of internationals go there every week.

Camp Peniel


Camp Peniel´s beach


the little houses we stayed at

On Wednesday, September 9th all the international students from my school and two other schools near Yarmouth went to `Camp Peniel´, where we made bracelets and tie dye shirts, learned about culture shock and do´s and don’t´s in Canada and went swimming.
We also made a bonfire and stayed there for one night.